photography by Peter Janelle


creative reflections on daily life


Peter Janelle

As he brushed his teeth one night during his college years, Peter glanced in the mirror at the shirt he was wearing. "Pedro the Lion", the name of his favorite band, was on the front of the shirt, and pedro appeared as "orbeq" in the mirror. He has used orbeq as his moniker ever since. Peter believes that the ordinary can become extraordinary when viewed from a unique perspective. From breathtaking landscapes to abandoned spaces to candid moments, Peter is constantly looking for fresh perspectives when he chooses his subjects.

Peter grew up on the Colorado Front Range but now calls the Upper Midwest home. He lives in Northeast Minneapolis with his wife and two kids. Northeast offers a fine selection of craft beers from local taprooms and a wealth of photographic material in its post-industrial landscape. While he enjoys the amenities of the city, Peter is happiest when exploring the wilderness areas of the American West, the Upper Midwest, and farther afield.